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Terra Andina Wines

About Terra Andina

From the magnificence of the Andes to the cool waters of the Pacific, Terra Andina uses modern and innovative winemaking skill to craft premium wines.


Acquired in 2001 by the Claro wine group, Terra Andina is an innovator within the Chilean wine industry. By blending grapes from different valleys with different micro-climates and soil conditions, Terra Andina takes full advantage of the richness and diversity of Chile’s different wine growing regions. A contemporary, fresh and innovative winery free of taboos, Terra Andina is focused on making quality wines that capture the full potential of Chilean viticulture.


We are looking toward wine drinkers who are open, who want to try new types, new styles, and new blends.  We are striving to make wine for those who live for the pleasure of trying something new and who will join us in our quest for the perfect wine for today.