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ChileChile Mountains

Chile, great place to produce wine!

Located on the west coast of South America with a length of 5,000 km (3,100 miles) along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Chile has become world famous for the quality of its wines.


Chile's natural barriers; the Atacama Desert to the North; the glaciers of the Patagonia to the south, the Andes mountain to the east and the Pacific Ocean from the west; have defended the country from plagues through many centuries.


Proximity to ocean allows cooler winds, proximity to mountains produces wide variation of temperatures during night and day and Mediterranean climate allows slow and constant ripening of the grapes with high exposure to sunlight.


Today, centuries later from the introduction of the first vines, the world recognizes Chile as an important producing nation of exceptional quality.


Based on the diversity of the Chilean “terroirs” terra andina combines the best characteristics from the most important areas to create a well balanced, consistent and unique wine.