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Our Wines

Terra Andina’s winemaking style is characterized by a deep respect for the ripe fruit, creating wines with marked varietal expression, well balanced, and combining a smooth and lively palate with high fruit intensity. Our winemakers are constantly using innovative new techniques to increase quality through the appropriate use of new technologies in the production process, and achieving differentiation through the use of non traditional varieties for blending, especially in the higher ranges.


A combination of owned vineyards and long term agreements with quality growers allows us to produce all of our wines from high quality grapes obtained from the best Chilean terroirs: from the Elqui valley on the northern limit, to the Maule Valley in the south (particularly the Cauquenes sub-region.) This adds complexity and intensity to the final blend, as well as consistency throughout our range of wines, and from vintage to vintage.


A key driver behind the development of our wines has been the constant addition of new technologies to our winemaking facilities. We only work with stainless steal tanks with an outstanding cooling capacity. This equipment allows us to maintain the white grape musts in contact with their lees for longer periods during the pre-fermentation process, gaining mouth volume and extraction of flavours. In the same way, this technology allows us to use cold soaking on the red grapes, obtaining better extraction of colour and primary flavours, letting us to ferment at lower temperatures avoiding unwanted over extraction and respecting better the fruit’s primary flavours. After alcohol fermentation, the wines’ aging process is done with micro-oxygenation to fix the colour, build the structure and to harmonize the flavours.